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2023 Fathers Day Collection

Dear Friends,

On June 18, we celebrate some very special men in our lives — our fathers. The faithful family members who provide for us, guide us, and protect us. Happy Father’s Day one and all!

As Catholics, we are blessed to have a second set of fathers in our lives — our spiritual fathers — by way of our priests. Something powerful to ponder. Our faith relationships begin with them almost as early on as the relationships we have with our own parents, as our parish priests initiate us into the Catholic faith through the sacrament of baptism!

Our priests dedicate their lives to serving us, at Mass and through the holy sacraments, and every day in countless ways. They walk beside us during our darkest hours and they share in the joy of our brightest moments.

Just as we give back to our loved ones in their elder years, we have the opportunity to do the same for our diocesan priests, or as many of us fondly refer to them as, our “family priests.”

Our “Father’s Day Collection for Infirmed & Retired Priests'' helps meet the medical needs of our senior priests within the Diocese of Joliet. In addition, your financial support helps offset the costs associated with our fathers who are living in retirement homes and those who have fallen ill even before retirement age and require rehabilitation or long-term care.

Please take a moment to reflect in prayer how you can contribute. Every gift received helps our beloved “family priests” live humbly and comfortably in their golden years. On behalf of all who will benefit from your kindness and generosity, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Paz y bien,

Most Reverend Ronald A. Hicks
Bishop of Joliet

Please use the give central link or QR Code to donate to “Father’s Day Collection”